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Kowhai Organic Blend: Three premium Fairtrade and Organic Certified beans blended together to create our popular Kowhai Organic blend. Smooth and tasty.


Kowhai Tahi Blend: Featuring a medium to high acidity base of Papua New Guinea and Colombian sourced beans our Tahi blend is a combination of five diverse green bean origins unified as one. Blended with ratios to deliver a strong well balanced taste profile whether consumed with milk or espresso.


Kowhai Rua Blend: featuring a combination of South American and Pacific bean origins our Rua blend is a complex dual region coffee with medium to high acidity with notes of chocolate. Rua has proven to be one of our most popular blends.


Kowhai Toru Blend: Displaying the traits of three different roast profiles Kowhai’s Toru coffee blend is a medium to strong Arabica combination delivering excellent body, strength and aftertaste.


Kowhai Decaf: Swiss water processed green coffee beans. In this method our green coffee beans are decaffeinated through a water process that requires no chemicals and ensures the coffee beans retain their individual characteristics. A medium body, medium acidity coffee with tasting notes of currant and tea.


Kowhai Coffee Bag - 1kg

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